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Use the tools provided by Google, study your competition and draw the right conclusions: o Brainstorming: This is the local business seo first step you should take. You can start with an Excel spreadsheet, entering keywords or key phrases of how you think users would look for you on Google. When you have a complete list and do not think of more ways to find people or find your products or services, ask your friends, family, etc. You will see that you are adding more keywords than you had not thought of. O The Google Suggester: When you search for a word in Google, before you finish writing the word, the search engine itself is already showing you different words to complete the one you are writing.

These words are also important, since seo packages for small businesses the Giant of the search engines is suggesting words to you that search the users in your search engine. Keep completing your list! Or Related Searches: When you do a search on Google, at the bottom of the search engine page, you always get a few words and Google calls it Related Searches, these are also important, for the same reason as in the previous case. SEMRush: This is my favorite tool. This tool will allow you to add to your Excel more keywords thanks to the analysis you are making of your Competition. Or Ubersuggest: Another fantastic tool. This will allow you to continue discovering more keywords. This tool sorts all key phrases from Google Hints and shows them for keywords or phrases you enter. O Long Tail Keyword-Tool: Another fantastic tool. This unlike the previous ones is more specific, since it will show you long tail keywords of- words. O Google Adwords Keyword Planner: This is the tool provided by Google and where you should measure the volume of monthly searches that each keyword has written down.

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It will also give you ideas for keywords that you may not have annotated and have a rather high search volume. O Google Trends: This tool is well-known. With this tool we will investigate with Google's history in terms of trends so that we can know which months are searched for more specific phrases or keywords that interest you. Now I explain some important aspects of SEO in Site. To make it simple to understand I have separated in sections some works that you have to do to improve your web regarding search engines: Code Optimization Two very important aspects of this section are the Title and Description tags. Not only is it about creating an original and natural title, remember that it is complicated to leave the first in search engines, and that seo packages for small businesses is why if you go second or third your result should highlight, attract attention and take as many clicks as possible without Leave the first. For this you have some tricks how to stand out in Google.

The meta tag TITLE: This is see here perhaps one of the most important parts in SEO On Page. Create an original title, that catches the attention and, especially, wherever there is always the keyword to position the more left the better. Do not be obsessed with what has to be at the beginning, it is better that your title makes sense and is natural, than introducing a title that is meaningless just by trying to put the keyword at the beginning. The meta tag DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this tag Is to convince the user that yours is the result to which you must access. O Sitemap.xml: The purpose of Sitemap is to improve the indexing of your page by telling searchers that they can crawl our URLs.

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